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Business Disputes Occasionally Happen

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As a business grows, an occasional dispute becomes more likely.  Although disputes present themselves in all shapes and sizes, generally, a prudent approach is to strive to resolve the dispute favorably and quickly so that the business can focus its limited resources (of time, attention, and cash) on providing value, earning money, and identifying opportunities.  

Hiring an Attorney

Avoiding disputes and resolving them in-house are often good approaches.  But, hiring an attorney experienced in litigating and resolving disputes makes sense sooner rather than later when the in-house approach proves fruitless, seems to be making matters worse, or there is a lack of clear understanding of the business risks, rights, and obligations.  

Several good reasons for considering legal counsel may include: 1) de-personalizing the dispute, 2) bringing in a outside resource with experience resolving issues in creative ways, 3) getting a clearer view of the likely risks and opportunities, 4) facilitating negotiations in a manner that will shield the communications from admissibility in a trial if a trial eventually becomes necessary, and 5) complying with any statutory requirements with which you may be unfamiliar.

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